The Rights and Obligations of a Member in a Co-op

No organisation can be successful without members having clearly defined rights and obligations, otherwise, the whole movement turns to be chaotic.

Rights of the Member:

  1. To vote in a general meeting or in a committee meeting. No proxy votes allowed.
  2. To be elected as one of the 7 members of the board of directors.
  3. To participate in making or amending the by-laws, passing the final accounts, checking the minute book and receiving both annual reports of the board of directors and that of the auditors. These reports are essential in so far as they enable the member to inform himself of the activities of the co-op.
  4. To request that a certain matter be included in the agenda which is to be discussed in the general meeting.
  5. To appeal to the authorities concerned. If he discovers that the behavior or practice of the board is contrary to the by-laws and resolutions of the general meetings or detrimental to the co-op.
  6. To withdraw his membership at any time after giving 60 days notice to terminate occupancy. The notice period ends on the last day of the month.

A member has further rights of sharing the resulting achievements of the co-op as follows:

  1. To share proportionally the services, to use the facilities allocated to him personally and also communal facilities of the co-op in accordance with the by-laws and regulations.

Obligations of the Member:

  1. To observe and obey the by-laws of the co-op. This is very important in order to maintain discipline necessary for efficient group action and to create a co-operative spirit and understanding. Any violation of the by-laws of the co-op could result in mistrust, misunderstanding and instability.
  2. To undergo the initial co-operative interview, which the co-op provides in order to make the members capable of participating effectively in developing their co-op. This is done with our briefing and interview.
  3. To contribute as much effort and knowledge as possible for the advancement of the co-op’s activities and economic growth. This is done through participation and co-operation.
  4. To attend all meetings of the co-op whenever called upon to do so. Should he fail to attend, he will be bound by the decisions which were reached by majority vote during his absence. A letter to the Membership Committee is required stating the reason you are unable to attend prior to the meeting.
  5. To behave in such a way as prescribed by the by-law of the co-op with regard to the maintenance of peace and order during the process of the general meetings and other meetings.
  6. To see that the affairs and property of the co-op are dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the by-laws and to keep and maintain in good order the property of the co-op that comes under his care.
  7. Monthly housing charges are to be paid the last working day of the month.